kitchen table math, the sequel: liveblogging Risky Business

Saturday, October 15, 2011

liveblogging Risky Business


We're forcing C. to watch Risky Business with us tonight, and the movie opens with a dream about the SAT!

I had completely forgotten that.

Two scenes later, his mom asks him if he's gotten his SAT scores yet.

He has.

570 math, 560 verbal.

In the car on the way to the airport, his dad tells him he's set him up with an interview for Princeton.


Catherine Johnson said...

OK, we have a score dispute. The final SAT scene says 597 math, 560 verbal.

Just clearing that up.

Bonnie said...

Even back in the 80's, those scores wouldn't have gotten the kid into Princeton (unless the kid is a legacy)

Catherine Johnson said...

I think that's the point!

Have to go find his friend's scores...not long after the opening SAT anxiety dream & the kitchen scene where he reports his non-Ivy scores to his folks, there's a restaurant scene where he finds out his friend's scores -- this being the friend who's planning on Harvard.

Catherine Johnson said...

OK, found them -- the friend's scores are:

780 verbal
765 math

Catherine Johnson said...

I think this is the friend who sets the plot in motion when he calls a prostitute and gives him (the prostitute turns out to be a man) Joel's address.

The Harvard-bound friend is also the one who tells Joel he has to say "What the eff" and turns out not to mean it -- he's the one who says "I have a trigonometry test tomorrow and I'm being chased by Guido the killer p***" --the line Allison cited.

It's an incredibly moving film -- amazing.

The central character, Joel, has spent 4 years earnestly amassing a resume of essentially pointless and mind-numbing activities and honors (Secretary of the Spanish Club!) -- and it all comes unraveled after his brainiac friend intervenes.