kitchen table math, the sequel: Steven Jobs, part 2

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Steven Jobs, part 2

my neighbor, Steve Jobs

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Anonymous said...

Nice article.


Glen said...

That's what it was like to see him from time to time in the neighborhood.

I worked with him, though, (not for him, thank heavens) before his first brush with cancer. If you'd like to know what he was like to work with, watch the movie Glengarry Glen Ross (this part is only in the movie, not the play) as the Alec Baldwin character gives his little "pep talk" to the salesmen. Steve talked just like that, including literally comparing his car to mine as his only counter-argument when I proposed an alternative to an idea of his.

But he was insanely committed to producing breathtakingly great products. He was clearly willing to risk losing business if necessary to create a more remarkable product for those who followed him. This is a surprisingly little used strategy--probably because it often fails--but his relentless pursuit of his own vision of the perfect products for his own needs has had a huge, positive impact on the rest of us, even those of us with somewhat different needs. I only wish more companies were that passionate about producing at least somebody's vision of a breathtaking product or service.

Here's an article about him that is closer to my own thoughts:

The world is a worse place without Steve, and I will miss his influence.

Catherine Johnson said...

The world is a worse place without Steve, and I will miss his influence.

That's exactly the way I feel.

Glen---I think you're being dinged by Blogger again!

You must stop exporting stuff to Nigeria!