kitchen table math, the sequel: Starting over

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Starting over

Long-time readers & writers here at ktm know that for the past 6 years I've been politically involved in an effort to move my district off the classic high-SES suburban model: Teach, Test, and Hope for the Best Have the Parents Hire Tutors.

It hasn't been easy.

The single best observation anyone ever made about my district came from a woman who has put 4 children through the system: 
We're great because 10 kids do spectacular things by senior year. The other 150 will get by and there are no glaring inadequacies.
Today is a new beginning.

UPDATE 7/19/2013:

OK, it's not a new beginning.

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Catherine Johnson said...

"No glaring deficiencies" could be the motto of a lot of suburban schools, I think.

Or should be.