kitchen table math, the sequel: The Procrastination Equation

Thursday, February 9, 2012

The Procrastination Equation

the equation:

Motivation = E x V/I x D

E = Expectancy: your level of confidence (but not over-confidence) you'll actually get whatever you're trying to do done
V = Value: how much you value getting whatever you're trying to do done
I = Impulsiveness: (no explanation required)
D = Delay: length of time before you realize the reward/goal/etc. - people "irrationally find present costs more salient than future costs"

The book is fantastic. Briliant. Amazing.

More anon.

The Procrastination Equation.

The Procrastination Equation at Science Daily.


palisadesk said...

I'm going to read this book as soon as I get around to it!

Piers said...

Well, the buying of the book is the most important part...

Very glad you liked it.

SteveH said...

I would add a momentum or inertia variable. If you are good, you can be very good; if you are bad, you can be very bad. Isn't there a saying that if you want to get something done, give it to a busy person. Hey! that's a solution to procrastination. Delegate.

Glen said...

"Well, the buying of the book is the most important part..."

Yes, I have a tall stack of books I really need to read, and I should probably add this to the stack.

Catherine Johnson said...

Glen - you MUST read it! It really is amazing, so much so that I've been going over the notes I took on the book, reminding myself what it said, and thinking it through.

I'm going to TRY to get some posts up, but for the time being here's something I learned: we are, all of us, highly 'pulled' by the concrete as opposed to the abstract -- and the 'concrete' seems to mean sensory data as opposed to thoughts and/or emotions.

oh heck

Why don't I just write a post.

Catherine Johnson said...

btw, I fixed the 'equation' above....

which was not an equation but an expression in its previous incarnation

Catherine Johnson said...

Hi Piers - Good to see you!

The book is incredible.

Definitely must read as well as buy!