kitchen table math, the sequel: charts and graphs

Saturday, May 26, 2012

charts and graphs

I have mastered Excel!

Sort of.


gasstationwithoutpumps said...

I was surprised to see the suggestion "Perhaps parents could fund raise as they do in California (where property taxes are much lower and must be shared with all schools in the state – very different situation)".

This is the first time I've heard anyone suggest that California's funding scheme for schools is working. Very little money is making it to the schools, which are in permanent crisis mode as all the "fat" was cut years ago. More and more parents are fleeing the public schools for private schools and home schooling—not for personal or religious reasons, but simply because the California public school system is in such dire financial straits that education has been cut to bare bones.

Catherine Johnson said...

Right - that suggestion came originally from a parent in CA (who moved to CA from my town).

That parent moved to an affluent town like mine, and parent fundraisers are apparently allowed to spend the proceeds exclusively on their local schools, which wasn't the case when we lived in CA.

In my town, which is also affluent, there is active hostility to people without kids in the schools playing any kind of role in their oversight --- it's been very ugly.

If people without kids in the school aren't welcome on the school board, then people with kids in the schools need to start fundraising.

At this point, in my town (and, frankly, in most towns around these parts) we have taxation without representation.

Catherine Johnson said...

Speaking of taxation without representation, during this election cycle we realized that the school district is using its Emergency Alert System to to robo call current parents - and ONLY current parents - on election eve, reminding them to vote.

Free GOTV for parents, funded by all the peopel who don't get the free GOTV.