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Friday, June 29, 2012

group learning: the sine qua non

I was just telling Ed about the study on group projects & IQ, and he said that already, in the 1990s, when he headed the California History Social Science Project (under the umbrella of the California Subject Matter Project), group learning was drilled into him as the absolute best way to teach.

Ed also tells me that Phil Daro (B.A. in English), was head of the original math project, and Bill Honig got rid of him: kicked him upstairs & hired a real math professor from San Diego State to take charge. Ed doesn't remember his name now.

The point of the Subject Matter Project was to take professional development away from ed schools and consultants and put it in the hands of content specialists.

Phil Daro wasn't a content specialist.

He still isn't a content specialist but he's chairing the Mathematics College and Career Readiness Standards Work Group for the new Common Core standards.

Calculators? Don't Answer

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Barry Garelick said...

Phil Daro was also a big player in the writing of the Common Core math standards. There's a clip of Phil Daro addressing teachers at a meeting in Bellevue on how to deal with parents that's definitely worth watching, particularly at the 6:08 mark when he answers a question from the audience.