kitchen table math, the sequel: in which I am vindicated at last

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

in which I am vindicated at last

For years Ed bugged me about exercise and weight loss (he is super-thin and exercises a LOT), and for years I said exercise did not cause weight loss for me and exercising more would not solve the problem.

I was right.


Revised weight loss predictor


FedUpMom said...

Exercise does help me to lose weight, but it's indirect. For me, overeating is linked to depression and emotional stress. If I get more exercise, I have less depression and stress, so I make more rational choices about food, so I can lose weight.

Independent George said...

Tying this back to the other thread, I lost almost 20 pounds after getting my dog; walking 3-5 miles every day without exception and getting hit with sad eyes every time you crinkle a bag of chips has a dramatic effect on your lifestyle.

Moreover, it happened so gradually and so persistently that I barely noticed, and have managed to keep it off without any real effort. Annoying hyperactive dog = steady, consistent weight loss.