kitchen table math, the sequel: pop quiz

Saturday, September 8, 2012

pop quiz

So....two hours into my first Blackboard sojourn, I am stymied.

I cheered up when I finally located a document titled Help for Instructors, which I have now downloaded.

QUESTION: How many pages does the Blackboard manual contain?

No peeking.

I wonder how long the Smartboard manual is.


Michael Weiss said...

Well, here at MSU we use ANGEL, which (I think) was developed by Blackboard and is essentially a clone of it... and the ANGEL manual is 600+ pages long. And almost completely unreadable.

Catherine Johnson said...


But no cigar.

Catherine Johnson said...

Ed guessed 100.

ChemProf said...

One nice thing about a small place -- we have a blackboard guru on staff, so if something isn't working, I just email her...

Michael Weiss said...

Well don't keep us waiting forever.
How many pages?