kitchen table math, the sequel: 3rd time's the charm - remembering Treemageddon again and again

Monday, October 29, 2012

3rd time's the charm - remembering Treemageddon again and again

Treemageddon through the years

OK, message received. As soon as this one's over, we're buying a generator.

Also a week's stash of caffeine candy.

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This is the restaurant down the hill from us, the one we always go to. No rain yet, no real wind, and the Hudson is overflowing its banks. Already.

We're a good 35-40 miles from the mouth of the Hudson.

Storm still coming.

Meanwhile, back on topic, here's some math!

If the wind is 75 mph at ground level, it's 95-100 mph at the 30th floor, 125 mph at the 60th.


Catherine Johnson said...

Ed just walked in carrying a piece of the gutter.

"First casualty."

I took a picture.

Anonymous said...

Hang in there... it looks pretty bad.

It's even unusually windy here in Chicago. The waves of Lake Michigan are supposed to huge tonight.


Catherine Johnson said...

Hey Susan! I've been thinking about you!
We heard last night Lake Michigan is going to have HUGE waves --- storm coming to you guys next.

It moved through here VERY fast. Originally the thinking was that it would be stuck here for 4 to 5 days --- a horror.

In the event, we had practically no rain and the storm speeded up when it hit land.

Whooshed through.

The really weird thing was that there was NO 'calm before the storm.' We had no rain, we had no wind, and the Hudson was over its banks THIRTY MILES AWAY FROM THE MOUTH OF THE HUDSON.

The storm was still hundreds of miles out at sea, and Westchester County was flooding.

NEVER seen anything like this. Never, never, never.

Only the Northridge earthquake was more stunning than this.

Catherine Johnson said...

Listening to the news ... they're talking about a guy whose restaurant is gone with the waters -- and whose mother died 3 days ago.

Anonymous said...


I sent you an email a week or so ago. You might have missed it. I'll send another one. Really enjoying the college application process, yessiree.

Yeah, the waves are huge. They probably shut down portions of Lake Shore Drive.


Catherine Johnson said...

Susan I missed it! Will find it as soon as I can get back on my 'real' computer (don't know exactly how to access Verizon from laptop & don't have the energy or will to figure it out ..... )

How was Chicago?????

When did the storm get there?

Anonymous said...

We just had some high waves for around 48 hours, then it was over. It came in when Sandy came in.

Boy, those people in Staten Island are breaking my heart.