kitchen table math, the sequel: still no

Sunday, November 4, 2012

still no

Con Ed restored power to everyone in town but 41 houses (plus another set downtown on one street), and left.

No word from the mayor.

I was thinking he might come tour the neighborhood.

update 11/5/2012: Wrong, wrong, wrong.

700 "customers" in Irvington (population circa 6500) still out of power as of this morning.

Temperature in our bedroom 50 degrees.


momof4 said...

At least part of Scarsdale is still out of power, as of yesterday, including at least one of their elementary schools. There's no word on when power might return. The family is grateful for gas water heater and stove, but will get a generator for Christmas.

lgm said...

We noticed that everything here was left to tree service companies and the electric co. Might have been faster if volunteers or the town highway dept had helped clear trees from the road while the professionals sawed and moved the trees laying on the downed wires.