kitchen table math, the sequel: 5 years for a 4-year degree

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

5 years for a 4-year degree

From Believe it: Harvard cheaper than Cal State
By Matt Krupnick
Add to the equation that students at smaller private colleges often can graduate sooner, saving thousands of dollars over California's public universities, where cuts have made it difficult to get all required classes in four years.

Families and students considering Cal State "do have to think of it as a five-year proposition, at least," said Vicki O'Day, a Menlo Park college-admissions consultant.
Both of my sister's kids are going to need an extra year of college in the UC/Cal State system entirely because of scheduling problems.

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K9Sasha said...

My son is attending a private school that has a four year guarantee. If a student can't graduate because he or she was unable to get a needed class, the school will let them take their fifth year for free. The school has never had to make good on their guarantee. One of the other schools we looked at was Cal Poly SLO where we were told to expect an engineering degree to take 5-6 years because of not being able to get into needed classes.