kitchen table math, the sequel: Ed on Stephen Colbert

Friday, January 25, 2013

Ed on Stephen Colbert

talking about Mali

I love the "back yard" line.

update: full episode here (Ed is the first guest after the monologue, which is hilarious.)


Jean said...

That link takes me to a WSJ story about online classes. I don't see Stephen Colbert or Ed. :(

Catherine Johnson said...

oh good grief - thanks for telling me!

Catherine Johnson said...

This should be it:

Catherine Johnson said...

M. just showed Andrew Ed on TV & Andrew kept flinging his index finger at the screen (that's his all-purpose communication - jabbing his index finger in the direction of something important or something he wants to do).

Then Ed came in the room and Andrew was swinging his head back and forth between Ed-on-TV and Ed-in-the-room ---- wish I'd seen that!

Jean said...

He looked great! Go Ed! Well done you. :D

TerriW said...

Finally got to see this! He acquitted himself quite well.