kitchen table math, the sequel: help desk – online instruction for New York Regents geometry course

Thursday, January 10, 2013

help desk – online instruction for New York Regents geometry course

Any ideas on an online course that might be appropriate for a student who has been struggling with New York State Regents geometry? The course would have to prepare the student to pass the NYS geometry Regents exam. What about online tutoring options? While this student is self-directed in some ways, he is not one to “teach himself” from a book or other resources. He probably needs direct instruction, with targeted feedback and guidance on his progress. Should online even be an option in this case? Does he simply need a traditional tutor? Maybe a blended learning option would work well? Any other alternatives?

Any and all ideas would be welcome.


Anonymous said...

I don't know if it would help with the Regents exam, but Derek Owens offers great online math classes. His geometry class uses the text by Harold Jacobs which is excellent.

Jen said...

As long as the tutor actually knows the test -- that is, is familiar with the types of questions, what's tested, etc. -- I'd go with that. He should be practicing with questions just like those that will be on the test.

Online learning does require teaching yourself or maybe more accurately, knowing what you don't know. A human tutor can pretty quickly suss out where the student is going wrong and work on those specific topics.

Ask around about tutors (guidance counselors often have a list, especially at private schools, private college counselors likely have a list, teachers may know, and of course, ask around amongst your friends/through social media.

If cost is an issue, find out how much it costs and divvy up sessions with that in mind. For instance, paying $50 an hour (insert "terribly reasonable" or "totally outrageous!" depending on where you live) once a week for the whole school year adds up, but paying $300-$400 for 6-8 well-targeted sessions that achieve the goal seems more doable.

Grace said...

Thank you!

I do need someone who specifically knows the test. I am trying to find a tutor, but I am open to other possibilities. One place that looks promising is wyzant, an online tutoring resource.

The cost is *not* as much an issue as the quality of tutoring. Years ago I paid too much for a tutor that added no value.

Catherine Johnson said...

Grace - I'll call Jim M and find out who they used. Meant to do that before I left ---- (sorry!)

They liked their tutor very much. Their son had flunked the Algebra Regents at least twice, I think.

I think he pretty much sailed through after working with the tutor.


Just realized .... I have a name and number for a private tutor, too, who I think might be great. He teaches with me and seems both sharp and nice. His main subject is math, but he teaches English literature, too.

I'll email that name if I can find it quickly.