kitchen table math, the sequel: gather and blather

Monday, February 4, 2013

gather and blather

I've just this moment discovered Anonymous's entry in the Poems for Instructivists thread:
Open schools model = Gather and blather

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Anonymous said...

Glad you were amused, Catherine.

For three years I went to a 70's version of the "School Without Walls." The school was built as two huge domes (upper and lower grades) with no interior walls. Any separation was created by arrangement of rolling blackboards and bookcases.

The noise was tremendous, as in any given location you could hear to a greater or lesser degree every single class being taught at the time.

I used to act up just so they'd punish me by putting me in "isolation," allowing me a minimum of peace and quiet so I could read.

The concept of a school without walls, like that of constructivist math, seems like something that could only come from a drug-addled consciousness. Roll-your-own math?

Anyway, here are a few more rhymes for you.

On the choice between traditional and constructivist math:
Master or disaster

The mile-wide, inch-deep constructivist model leads to:
Browse and drowse

On the way constructivist math spreads from district to district:
The viral spiral