kitchen table math, the sequel: Meyer, Steiner, & Bauerlein on Thursday at CUNY

Monday, February 25, 2013

Meyer, Steiner, & Bauerlein on Thursday at CUNY

Peter Meyer is moderating Steiner & Bauerlein!
The ELA Common Core Standards: The path to a better educated America?

The ELA Common Core has been called the most radical change in American public education in the last 50 years. On the eve of the introduction of these standards into thousands of classrooms , join Dr. David Steiner and Dr. Mark Bauerlein for a provocative discussion about how the ELA Common Core will transform our schools.

Thursday, February 28
Roosevelt House at CUNY
Reception: 5:30 PM
Discussion: 6:15 PM
Where: 47-49 E. 65th St., New York, NY, 10065
65th between Madison & Park

Register here
I just signed up to go.

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momof4 said...

I wish I could think that the content-focused curriculum which CC supports (and supposedly requires) will not be subverted by the "critical thinking," "21st-century", process-focused, transferable skills mindset which ed schools, admins and teachers have espoused for decades. Apparently, some schools/teachers are already teaching Tier 2 vocab words as explicit vocab study, instead of teaching them in the context of rich content (fr Out in Left Field-comments). They just don't care about content. Sigh...