kitchen table math, the sequel: 1/2 chapter left, then back to ktm!

Saturday, May 18, 2013

1/2 chapter left, then back to ktm!

Month of May:
  • Polish Debbie's book (which is going to be a bestseller!)
  • Write Introduction to "Writing Supplement" with Katie B
  • Deal with annual school-board-and-budget mishegoss (we're in the 4%!)
  • Either finish basal ganglia project or STOP thinking about basal ganglia
  • Finish semester at Learning Center

Speaking of the election, this year's outing features:
On the bright side, I'm thinking the best of the 4 candidates may actually get elected, which would be a big change after the last two elections. We'll see.

And the district isn't doing get-out-the-vote robo calls this year. That's fantastic.

Still. I don't want to go through another Irvington school board/budget election, ever. But I figure we've got two more to go before we can get to Riverdale. Or wherever else we decamp to.

Bonus content: subtraction is harder than addition


SATVerbalTutor. said...

Hey, don't forget writing a review of my CR book! You know, in your copious spare time...

Independent George said...

Not to add to your plate, but have you considered writing a book based on your experiences in the education world? You've basically already been doing the research on it for the last ten years, and the blog is more or less a rough draft. There's so much material, it seems to me that hardest part is knowing what to cut.

lgm said...

Has your district attempted to cut costs? I noticed the per-pupil cost for Sped is much higher than that for similar districts. The districts here have found savings by sharing out-of-district sped bus routes with neighboring districts. Members of the public had to make several specific comments and present the price of air ambulances vs sped transport and also taxi/limo service vs. McKinneyVento transport to get the district to take action and negotiate more reasonable prices with the bus co. They've also put BOCES classrooms in certain schools and clustered children, rather than bussing everyone to central facilities.

I noticed you wrote about the certs, but what about all the exemptions? The past five years here has seen the senior citizens granted a 50% property tax exemption, joining many other groups who have exemptions.