kitchen table math, the sequel: Goodreads

Monday, July 29, 2013


Is anyone else on Goodreads?

I joined a couple of months ago & am still getting the hang of it.

I'd love to get book recommendations from all of you---

I think you can find me here.


TerriW said...

I've always thought that you needed an Amazon associates account, or perhaps should even maintain a small Amazon portal/storefront with all of the books that you recommend here. Lord knows how many of them I've bought over the years, directly from links from this page.

Jean said...

I'm on Goodreads (off and on, mostly off). I'll find you.

C T said...

I just added you. I LOVE goodreads. It's a great tool for an introverted bookworm. :)

Christina said...

I have become a fan of Goodreads and I am so glad to know you will be able to share your reading list, I think I read most of what you mention.

You can really get sucked in there though and come up with an endless list of books to it can be a good thing and quite a bad thing (if you love books)!