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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Read the whole thing....

I am violating my brand-new All-Premack-all-the-time Principle to put up this post first thing in the morning instead of second thing:

One Classroom, Two Genders

There are two surprises: one in the middle, one at the end.

The middle one was especially fun for me because I'd read the whole first column thinking, "Really?"

The twist in the middle explained my astonishment.

Read the whole thing because.....the last line is fabulous. Especially for readers of ktm, I think.

postscript: I remember writing lots of posts on the subject of "the girl show."

I wonder if any of you remember the time our middle school principal -- Chris was in the 6th grade -- told us: "Everyone knows boys do worse in middle school."

Direct quote.


Jean said...

Huh. I had a math teacher much like that, who was one of my favorites, though I may have been a little odd in thinking he was so funny. He was always telling us to leave if we didn't want to be there, which of course we never did. Once he growled, "Every day, I tell you to go away. And every day, YOU. COME. BACK."

The favorite teachers I can think of were all men, though I am female. But then I didn't have many female teachers, and I went to a really bad high school, so I only have a couple.

Auntie Ann said...

Ditto on my favorite teachers being men.

It's always the hard, and hard-core, teachers that you remember and appreciate the most--the ones that teach you the most. I had a grad school teacher who ripped a paper to shreds like none had ever done before--I learned more from that than from any paper I ever wrote in college (and this was for an engineering course, not a writing course.) I've told my niece the same thing: be grateful for the teacher who tears your work to shreds and teaches you how to put it back together; because they'll make you better, and pretty soon your papers won't have to be torn apart to be good.