kitchen table math, the sequel: Resources for the ACT test?

Friday, November 22, 2013

Resources for the ACT test?

My daughter is a junior and in the middle of the test taking year. I went back through all the posts and gathered the resources on the SAT. Does anyone have a similar set of resources for the ACT test?


Anonymous said...

Can you post your SAT resource collection, please ?

Anne Dwyer said...

In the KTM site on the SAT, there were three books and a website listed:

John Chung's SAT math
The Official SAT study guide
Hack the SAT
The Official SAT online course.

The links are in the original posts and I can't figure out how to post links here.

Additionally, Catherine had some really good comments on the grammar rules that the SAT loves to test. (Dangling modifiers anyone?)

I suggest that you find the SAT tag on the left hand side and go through the posts.

Anonymous said...

Subject verb agreements seemed to be big on the ACT.

And I reminded my son that the subject is never in a prepositional phrase. They seemed to try to trick them up with that a few times, too.

My son was taught little to no grammar in school. I after-schooled him for years in grade school and then somewhat in middle school (with the help of KTM.) We were quite happy with his 35 on the English sub test.


Jenn Cohen said...

First choice is The Real ACT Prep Guide for practice tests. There are four additional official practice tests on the resources page of my website, too,

As for other books, I haven't found any for the ACT I love. Something like Princeton Review will give review of the test content, so it's better than nothing. But, the biggest things to prepare for are the fast pace and the specific ways the ACT asks questions. Lots of timed practice with real questions will help with that, and it can't really be taught in a book since every student is different.

The ACT does have an online course, but I wouldn't say it's helpful beyond providing more practice questions.

Hope that helps a little!