kitchen table math, the sequel: Boys are stupid, throw rocks at them

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Boys are stupid, throw rocks at them

Fundraising flier from Wellesley.

Which pretty much rules out contributions from Wellesley grads who are: a) married to men and/or b) the mothers of boys.


Hainish said...

I'm not sure that a pro-woman message is necessarily anti-male. (And those female students are certainly not throwing rocks at the nice man in the funny hat.)

GoogleMaster said...

I don't get it. Actually, double whammy: I don't understand either the ad or why you think it's anti-male.

Catherine Johnson said...

Look at the guy in the photo!

Look at the GUY!

Look at his hand, his body language, his yellow hard hat!

Look at the way he's holding himself.

Look at the way the women are holding themselves.

Catherine Johnson said...

The ad is throwing rocks.

Not the women pictured in the ad.

Anonymous said...

I don't see your point either.

Now, I admit I have no idea why someone is wearing a hard hat in a lab that has no equipment other than student laptops, but given that it clearly is not his (it is about 3 sizes too small), he is probably wearing it as a joke—whether his, the students', or the photographer's is not clear.

The only thing I see looking at his hand is that he wears a wedding ring—how is that relevant?

I'm not sure, but I think that male in the photo may be Glenn Stark, a professor of physics who specializes in molecular spectroscopy, in which case the hard hat is almost certainly a joke.

(Wellesley has no civil engineering, mechanical engineering, architecture, or other programs in which wearing a hard hat is likely to be routinely needed.)

Catherine Johnson said...

OK, let's start with the idea that we have a male wearing a hard hat too big for him.

Does the inadvisability of a male being photographed wearing a hard hat too big for him ring a bell with anyone?

Catherine Johnson said...

That guy looks nothing like Glenn Stark to me!

Catherine Johnson said...

Too small, I mean.

That's even more ridiculous!

The guy looks like a wimpy, fearful, JOKE.

The girls look normal, confident, smart.

The girls are Women Who Will.

The guy is a dufus who .... won't, I guess.

Won't or can't.