kitchen table math, the sequel: MIA

Sunday, March 16, 2014


Sorry to be MIA...I've been thinking this winter, which continues apace, has actually affected me metabolically.

I need SUN.

And more DEGREES.



Jean said...

Come visit me. It was hot today. :P We're having beautiful weather and praying for rain and watching you guys with envy. Hooray for water restrictions...

Catherine Johnson said...

I was wondering about that....we lived in CA for years, and I remember water restrictions very well.


I thought I had read/heard you guys were getting floods ---- ? (Was that in a different part of the state?)

Anne Dwyer said...


Me too, me too, me too. It is 16 degrees here as I type and the high will be below freezing. The roads are one big mess of potholes. I've already had to replace two tires this season.

Did I mention that we are trying (for the third time) to get Daniel a driver's license? Guess how much driving time he has gotten this winter?

Jean said...

After a completely dry winter, we got some good spring rain, which may have led to flooding in some areas (though I haven't heard about any myself so I don't know). But still, our local reservoir has gone from a terrifying 20% of average to a scary 60% of average, or something like that--and I live in the wet part. It's worse south of Sacramento.