kitchen table math, the sequel: "The Flipped Classroom" at CUNY's Idea Lab

Saturday, August 2, 2014

"The Flipped Classroom" at CUNY's Idea Lab

I have a piece on flipped classrooms at Idea Lab!


SteveH said...

I responded to your article. I mentioned that I watched a couple of Khan math videos to see if there were any improvements since the last time I studied them and they were just awful lectures. And they were badly made. They would be awful even if they were live. Even a laugh track (how about an ooooh! track) would not help.

Unfortunately, flipping never is just flipping - doing homework in class and watching lectures at home. Flipping is often a justification for having students do group work in class, not individual homework.

momof4 said...

Teachers don't seem to have a problem with lectures (perfect example of the terrible "sage on the stage")as long as they don't have to do them.