kitchen table math, the sequel: Turf, again! and how my District chooses a math curriculum

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Turf, again! and how my District chooses a math curriculum

We're voting on turf.



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SteveH said...

Doing your own thing could be good or it could be bad. They want their curriculum to have a "broader scope" in Irvington, but what that is we don't know. It probably doesn't include reexamining their assumptions or improving their K-6 teacher content knowledge in math. Teacher training means process training, not content training. Life will go on as usual and some parent will know enough to ensure learning at home or with tutors.

Anonymous said...

If modules, alignments, assessments, scopes, sequences, blah blah blah, were all necessary for learning math, math wouldn't have existed until well into 20th century.

concerned said...

I have just run across the TIMSS Advanced 2015 Assessment Frameworks recently.

Offering it up for discussion... Math can be downloaded separately(it's chapter 1) here:

Anonymous said...

Anonymous, you seem to be acting as though this is impenetrable jargon.

Do you seriously think that in the 1800s, teachers didn't test their students (assessments)? That their curriculum didn't start here and end there (scope)? That kids were taught addition today and exponents tomorrow and subtraction the day after that (sequence)?