kitchen table math, the sequel: Off-topic, Ebola edition

Monday, November 17, 2014

Off-topic, Ebola edition

$20 million to treat one patient with Ebola
Around 100 healthcare workers were involved in treating Spencer while he was isolated at Bellevue, Schumer said.

In addition, a 24-hour-a-day operation which employed approximately 500 staffers was established by the city’s Health Department to keep track of the estimated 300 people who arrive each day from Ebola hotspots in West Africa.

Meryl Nass, who writes the fabulous Anthrax Vaccine, on what scientists don't know about Ebola, according the Institute of Medicine:
  • how long the incubation period may last is unknown
  • how long Ebola virus stays viable on surfaces is unknown
  • how to effectively kill it is unclear
  • the best PPE has not been established
  • whether Ebola can be transmitted before symptoms start is unknown (several cites suggest it can)
  • its potential to be aerosolized is uncertain
  • whether livestock or pets can be intermediate hosts is unknown
IOM workshop admits they don't know what we said they don't know
I have zero patience for public officials telling me they know things they don't.

Apparently there's an entire literature on communication with the public that shows everyone else feels the same way.

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