kitchen table math, the sequel: Proposition 3 sails through...

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Proposition 3 sails through...

Post at the Parents Forum. (I borrowed Terri W's line about the number of kitchen tables $2B will buy!)

I realized recently that "technology" has three constituencies:
  1. Education reformers who believe in technological "disruption" 
  2. Technology companies (for obvious reasons)
  3. Constructivists - students look at the device, not the teacher
Mobile devices in the classroom may finally accomplish what progressive education has been trying and failing to accomplish for over 100 years.

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froggiemama said...

Hey, there are also computing people like myself, who want students to be familiar with computational thinking. My biggest fear is that after districts spend all their money on ipads, which are nothing more than media consumption devices, there will be no money left for real computers.

I want to see technology in the schools. I want computers with enough power to run Matlab, and AppInventor, and Python. I want computers that have Sketchup and have enough oomph to run simulations. The monitors should be big enough so students can see what they are doing. I would like to see Arduino boards for projects and robots so that students can learn to develop programs for the robots. I want students to be able to build technology, not passively consume it.