kitchen table math, the sequel: Charlie Hebdo, RIP

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Charlie Hebdo, RIP

UGH: NY Daily News CENSORS image of Hebdo’s Muhammad Cartoon in report on attack

Ed just spoke to a French friend whose mother lives on the same street as the Charlie Hebdo offices.

She says she grew up reading the writers who were killed. She can't believe they're gone.


Anonymous said...

Or, they may have thought showing the images that caused the death of 12 to be in questionable to taste.

Doug Sundseth said...

How, exactly, did images cause the death of 12? Did they leap up from the page with with drawn* weapons and cut the throats of their artists?

Terrorists, using Islam for justification, were responsible.

Those images should be plastered everywhere.

* Yes, I did. 8-) And I hope that sort of black humor is entirely in the spirit of Charlie Hebdo.