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Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Maybe the problem is presenters....

I've just come across a blog by Raymond Johnson, who writes:
I hold some grudges when it comes to the topic of research to practice in education. A few highlights: A principal who (probably rightly) thought I was struggling to engage my students told me to watch Barbara Streisand's performance as a college professor in The Mirror Has Two Faces and "do what she does, because her students love her." The question, "Which academic journal did she read that in?" sarcastically crossed my mind, and no, I never watched the movie. At a state conference presentation about RtI, a presenter told us to only use research-based intervention strategies. When a teacher at my table asked, "How do we know if a strategy is research-based?" the presenter responded, "I figure if it's something you find in writing, and didn't just make up by yourself, then it's research-based."
Schneider's From the Ivory Tower to the Schoolhouse, Chapter 1: Bloom's Taxonomy
I guess Wikipedia counts.

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