kitchen table math, the sequel: Technology coordinators behaving badly

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Technology coordinators behaving badly

This is rich.

The staff member who informed on Rafe Esquith was the technology director.

I rue the day every district in the county hired a technology director.

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owen thomas said...

esquith is a hero of the movement.

technology directors? a necessary
evil at best. i couldn't enjoy my life
in anything like the way i do if there
was nobody "directing technology"
for me even here at home. obviously
contemporary workplaces bear an
even heavier burden in maintaining
the ever-morphing infosphere that
engulfed all-known-life back there
somewhere, nobody remembers
exactly when.

i for one abhor our borg overlords.
but i don't expect to get away with
it for long. so take that into consideration.
if you want to be a hero? come follow me.