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Sunday, March 18, 2007


posted to the Irvington Parents Forum:

This is a fine kettle of fish.

Here we have the Board threatening to “consider” legal action against parents who use the Top Secret Board email list to contact other parents, and encouraging us all to call up each other’s Internet Service Providers to lodge complaints.

First take: I will not be spending hours of my life attempting to cut off other parents’ internet service.

I like hearing from other parents.

That’s why the Forum is here. Anyone can join; anyone can comment; parents and members of the community can use their own names, a pseudonym, or both.

This is a free speech zone!

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As to the Board and its threats, I was pretty sure parents and residents were within their legal rights to use the list to communicate with other parents and residents on matters of importance to our schools.

I’ll add that I don’t intend to use it myself, entirely because members of the list haven’t had an opt-out. That’s why I didn’t take part in the discussion of the fields vote that occurred last December on the Board list. I appreciated receiving the posts myself, and welcomed the first open, district-wide internet discussion of an important issue. But I understood why some parents would prefer not to have a sometimes-heated exchange suddenly drop into their email queues uninvited.

Friday night, after reading the Board’s email, I asked an attorney friend for his opinion of the Board’s threat to pursue legal action against parents.

This is his response (scroll down).

email from the Board
Tex weighs in

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