kitchen table math, the sequel: Left-Brained Epiphanies

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Left-Brained Epiphanies

Our blogging colleague, Out in Left Field (who posts here as Lefty) is asking a question: Are all epiphanies right-brained? In other words, the common story is "introverted, scholarly type learns to embrace extroversion, play, and lack of structure."

Lefty is looking for stories of left-brain epiphanies:
How often, for example, does an outgoing musician learn that what makes him truly happy is retreating to his study to analyze business cycles and market equilibria?
Go and contribute your stories.

Some prompts:
Left-brain: logical, systematic, analytical, one-at-a-time, abstract, verbal, introverted.

Right-brain: emotional, incidental, intuitive, holistic, relational, nonverbal, social.

Reminder: don't post your stories here, go over to Out in Left Field


Catherine Johnson said...

I loved that post!

This reminds me a bit of the standard admonition that people, on their deathbeds, don't wish they'd spent more time at the office...

Catherine Johnson said...

In my case, if I'm leaving 2 autistic kids behind me and I'm flat broke, I'm going to be the exception that proves the rule.