kitchen table math, the sequel: Edwards is a son of a ....

Friday, August 8, 2008

Edwards is a son of a ....

Edwards admits to extramarital affair -

Edwards is a son of a something... besides for being a son of a mill worker.

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Catherine Johnson said...

good grief

this is synchronicity --- the book proposal I'm ATTEMPTING to revise is about this kind of thing: it's about the neurological connection between "impulsive" behavior (gambling, addiction, affairs, etc.) & "compulsive" behavior (harsh moral judgments, etc.)

Eliot Spitzer is, or was until today's revelation, I guess, the poster child for this.

Not sure how much of these ideas I should be posting at this point, but Eric (Hollander) says that people are always amazed that a politician who is highly judgmental and condemning of others is also, often enough, a person who is seriously violating his own moral codes. Bill Bennett is another example.

But in fact what researchers are figuring out is that the "opposition" between impulsive behavior and compulsive behavior -- between wild and woolly people and micromanaging, controlling people -- isn't an opposition.

It's a "dimension," and everyone is on it ---- every last one of us!

It's very cool stuff, but extremely challenging to a) understand and b) write about, at this point...