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Thursday, August 7, 2008

Hilarious argument for school choice

You can’t make this stuff up. Although this clip is from the popular "Yes Prime Minister” British TV series, it seems to reflect many real life discussions about school choice that take place in our country.

But apparently The YM and YPM series are admired for showing the reality of political life combined with British humor. Former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher was very impressed with the series and once stated: "Its closely observed portrayal of what goes on in the corridors of power has given me hours of pure joy".

yes (Prime) Minister

This clip is chock full of tragicomic lines and it’s hard to pick a favorite. Certainly this one where Humphrey attempts to defend the very existence of the national education department is priceless.

Humphrey: “Who would plan for the future?

Prime Minister: Are you
saying that education today in Britain is what the department PLANNED?

Humphrey: Well, uh, no, of course not!

H/T to Jay P. Greene.

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Catherine Johnson said...

I'm so glad you posted this!!!!!

It was WAY up there on my list of things to do ---- this is HILARIOUS!!!

I've got to have C. & Ed watch today.

And Christian. His aunt has been desperately trying to get his cousin into a charter school, in Yonkers I think.

No luck so far.