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Saturday, December 20, 2008

"about kitchen table math"

What text should we have under "about kitchen table math"?

We need "parents & teachers" for sure, though I believe we've got some non-parent members & a policy type or two....

I want to get writing & reading some place on the front, since we now have lots of folks posting on those subjects.

And we definitely need something about policy & politics. I didn't particularly want to use the word "reform" since I no longer believe that public schools can be reformed in the aggregate. (Some public schools will improve dramatically; some public schools are good now. But can the system be fixed? I've come to believe the answer is 'no.')



Anonymous said...

Maybe "By Helicopter Parents, For Helicopter Parents" ??? :-) :-)

Or "Proudly Bitching about Math Education since XXXX" :-) :-)

Yes, I'm in a snarky mood tonight!

-Mark Roulo

SteveH said...

How about this?

"The best students have helicopter parents."

Matthew K. Tabor said...

Performancing has a good, short piece on the About page:

You may want to factor in some words that you see frequently even if they're not exactly what you'd use.

Catherine Johnson said...

OK, I'm on track for WORDS people use.

I WAS trying to follow directions concerning "RSS" feeds and the like, but am stumped at the moment since I don't have to know what my "RSS feed" is and don't know how to find out.

Knowing what your RSS feed is is probably one of those 21st century skills I missed out on back when schools taught reading, writing, and arithmetic.

Anonymous said...

Your RSS feed is how I've been reading KTM for however many years now. ;)

I think I posted about it on KTM1 way back when.