kitchen table math, the sequel: Education 2.0 - Now with more bird sounds!

Monday, March 30, 2009

Education 2.0 - Now with more bird sounds!


concernedCTparent said...

Did you catch the link to the article about primary students having to master Wikepedia and Twitter?

Pupils to study Twitter and blogs in primary school shakeup

Why am I no longer shocked by any of this?

LynnG said...

Good cartoon. How many employers out there are bemoaning the lack of twitter skills in the work force? Is this crazy?

Niels Henrik Abel said...

Dinosaur that I am, I don't even get Twitter.

I don't get texting on a cell phone, either. Silly me, I always thought phones were for talking.

Okay, you can wheel me off to the old fogeys' home. I'm liable to start drooling any minute now.

Catherine Johnson said...

I do not Tweet but I am about to commence texting.

GoogleMaster said...

I'm even farther behind. I don't "get" cell phones. Seriously. I hate phones, or maybe I have telephonophobia. Before I make a call (e.g. to make a vet appointment) I have to write down everything I'm going to say, and then I start to get a sick feeling in my stomach as the phone rings on the other end. Most of the time I'm hoping no one picks up and I can just hang up.

The phone on my desk at work rings maybe one or two times a month, and I use it to call out about as often. The phone at home is a landline and gets used to call out about once a month. I suppose telemarketers call on it (despite the do-not-call list), but most of them don't leave a message.

Other cell phone negatives:
* I hate carrying things around with me. I hate having to keep up with stuff. If it doesn't fit in a pants pocket while I'm sitting down, I don't carry it.
* I absolutely MUST have my privacy and alone time. I would hate to be reachable 24/7.
* I have trouble hearing the person on the other end over what's going on around me. I have to completely shut out the "present" world around me and mentally put myself with the person on the other end. Often I close my eyes or just defocus them. (Is that an ASD thing?)
* The thought of carrying around a GPS tracking device is creepy. (OK, now my tinfoil hat is showing.)

So yeah, I don't have or want a cell phone.

I don't blog because I don't see the need to share my thoughts with the world. So I really don't get the Twitter thing.

Catherine Johnson said...

that's interesting!

I don't think I've heard of a person feeling as anxious as that about making phone calls -- I bet it's common, though

We're about to become Texters, on grounds that a teen-aged person cannot develop proper relationships with other teen-aged persons without the ability to Text.

So: Texting.

This relates to GoogleMaster, why?

Because apparently people feel much more comfortable texting each other than they do calling - and when I say "people," I mean parents & their kids as well as kids & their friends, etc.

I bet there's a "social anxiety" aspect of telephones that affects most of us without our quite realizing it.

I frequently procrastinate phone calls even though I'm outgoing by nature.

CassyT said...

From my twitter feed comes this cry for help from a mother/spec. ed teacher/techie (according to her twitter page):

"Looking for a good descripton of CTools for my college son's paper on online learning. Help! I can't find one."

Her next tweet tells us that her son attends the U of Mich, Dearborn.

Apparently, the kid can't even ask for help for his own paper online!

It's always worse...