kitchen table math, the sequel: what next?

Thursday, April 2, 2009

what next?

big black cats in NY suburbs?

bigger than dogs?

is this April Fools?


palisadesk said...

I want one!

Catherine Johnson said...

well....what is it, do you think?

concernedCTparent said...

I just assumed it was a panther. Perhaps someone with an exotic pet changed their mind?

Catherine Johnson said...

sure looks like a panther

this critter is just across the river from us

do cats cross bridges?

Catherine Johnson said...

I dunno.

His ears are shorter than this panther's.

Catherine Johnson said...

I hope there's nothing evolving out there.

concernedCTparent said...

Perhaps nature's way of dealing with ROUS? (rodents of unusual size)

Anonymous said...

Hey, we just had a full grown cougar running around in Chicago. If it can happen here, it can happen anywhere.