kitchen table math, the sequel: at last it can be told

Friday, May 15, 2009

at last it can be told

I am going to say something scandalous: Just because we went to school for teaching doesn't mean that we come out of school as master teachers.

Never Work Harder Than Your Students & Other Principles of Great Teaching
by Robyn R. Jackson

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SteveH said...

She forgot the last rule:

You can make big money in the education market if you have a good line.

Actually, I disagree with the main title of the book.

"Master teachers never work harder than their students."

Back when I taught math and CS, I ALWAYS worked harder than my students. That made it easier for my students to learn. Hard work from students is important, but not if the work is unnecessary.

She should also add another one:

Master teachers know that it's not just about what they do in their own classroom. It's what they can do to fix the system.