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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

time to put the public back in public schools

National Coalition Presents "Design Principles for K-12 Mathematics Standards and Assessments" and Seeks Seat at National Standards Writing Table

The United States Coalition for World Class Math, a new non-partisan organization of concerned parents collaborating with professional mathematicians, educators, and others to promote improvements in K-12 mathematics education, has just issued its "Design Principles for K-12 Mathematics Standards and Assessments." It is also asking to be included in the decision-making process for the national mathematics standards currently being developed by the National Governors Association and the Council of Chief State School Officers in concert with several other educational organizations.

"Extraordinary numbers of grassroots groups have formed in recent years to learn more about current issues in mathematics education and to promote improvements in K-12 mathematics curricula," says Coalition co-founder Timotha Trigg. "Many parents believe there is already a crisis in mathematics education and fear that poor standards, if adopted by states on a national scale, would make the situation even worse."

For example, the most recent Trends in International Math and Science Study (TIMSS) found that only 6% of U.S. eighth grade students perform at the advanced level in mathematics, whereas 40 - 45% of eighth graders in top-performing countries reach this level. The poor performance of U.S. students on these and other state, national, and international assessments has not only spurred interest in creating national mathematics standards, it has also motivated many parent groups to unite under a single banner and to design a document setting forth their own principles for K-12 mathematics standards and assessments.

Jill Gladstone, who helped to spearhead the Coalition, states, "This document is intended to help inform the Common Core State Standards Initiative, the 46-state effort that will result in K-12 mathematics standards and assessments for public school students in participating states." Key points of the Coalition's Design Principles, found at United States Coalition for World Class Math, include:

  • Top-rated mathematics standards (MA, IN, and CA) should be used as a model;
  • University mathematicians must play a key role in establishing priorities and ensuring mathematical content is appropriate and clear in both standards and assessments; and
  • The findings and recommendations of the National Mathematics Advisory Panel, which reviewed more than 16,000 research studies, must be followed.
Gladstone adds, "Our website is generating a tremendous amount of interest nationwide. Each week, at least one new state chapter is being formed by parents who are counting on us to make their voices heard. These parents have earned a seat at the decision-making table as a core of common mathematics standards and assessments is constructed. We look forward to participating as a full partner in the effort to create world class mathematics standards and assessments for our children."

Contact Information:
Jill Gladstone 908-672-2070
Timotha Trigg 610-388-6220
E-Mail: USWCmath @

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I'm very excited.

This is a serious attempt at genuine grass roots organization.

Tex and I are getting the NY chapter set up -- anyone else want to help?

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Catherine we are so excited that you will be starting a NY chapter.

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