kitchen table math, the sequel: you are here

Saturday, July 4, 2009

you are here

from Paul B:
Kids can't do 6 times 7 because they are 'taught' multiple ways to multiply. Then they discover the one they like best (usually involves fingers) and stick to it until somewhere along the way they are given a calculator to expedite things.

They are assessed subjectively. They are promoted without regard to those assessments. And finally, they're never given targeted remediation or practice that is up to the task of keeping them on track.

Other than that there's not much wrong.
I have already confessed my own problems with 6 times 7.


Catherine Johnson said...

Here's Vlorbik in 2005:

i spent one of my worst half-hours in grad school convinced that 3*12 = 39.

Catherine Johnson said...

(in the comments)

Anonymous said...

Sometimes your brain is on auto pilot. I find that the older I get the more I do on auto pilot. I've also noted that auto pilot is not reliable.

I always make coffee in the morning and this has become one of my automatic things. We always have a good laugh with coffee making because whenever I think I've exhausted all the possible ways to screw up automatic coffee making, I manage to find another.

So far I've not managed to start a fire or burn myself but as these type of screw ups are among the few remaining possible disasters, I figure that statistically speaking, I'm due for something grand in the morning.

Meanwhile, I'm fondling one of those single cup makers every time I go to Costco. These seem truly 'fool' proof.

SteveH said...

These seem truly 'fool' proof.

Oh no they're not. I got one for a present based on the idea that you can put in the special holder to use your own cheaper coffee. Well, you have to take out the insert that punctures the regular K-cups. Of course, when you want to use the regular K-cup again, you have to put the insert back in. if you don't, the the K-cup won't get punctured on the bottom and it will be a big mess. Then there is the simple problem of forgetting to put in a K-cup (you get hot water) or forgetting to put the cup or mug underneath (the coffee will go into the trap (mostly). I've done all of these things so far.

Actually, I like it.

Anonymous said...

So, then I'm not the only one with defective autopilot, eh?

I'll stop fondling the one cupper on your advice. How about a French press? It's only got three moving parts.

Catherine Johnson said...

I don't know how to use our coffee maker.

Catherine Johnson said...

I did manage to use the one-cup dealie M. loaned me while Ed was gone.

VickyS said...

Get the French press. I haven't screwed that up yet and I've been known to start fires in microwaves.