kitchen table math, the sequel: Computer glasses

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Computer glasses

Totally OT (or is it?) but I just got computer glasses. Business glasses, actually, which are for computer work and reading, but not distance. To be distinguished from "office glasses" which are for computer and keyboard (who looks at their keyboard?).

Anyway, to you folks who spend as much time reading and blogging as I do (and you know who you are) and who wear progressive lenses, go out today, get your eyes checked, and order up a pair. It's amazing what a difference they make.


Catherine Johnson said...

I have computer glasses!

Anne Dwyer said...

I have computer glasses too. They are great for reading the computer screen. Unfortunately, my close vision is so weird (cataract surgery, one eye so completely different from the other that I need a slab in my bifocals) that I can't take notes while wearing these glasses and I can only see the keyboard by looking below them.

Anonymous said...

I need computer glasses!


Anonymous said...

I have progressive lenses, and I have computer glasses. I've found that I have to tip my head back too far to read the computer screen with my progressives and it strains my (admittedly already messed up) neck. My computer glasses work beautifully.