kitchen table math, the sequel: the Jesuits

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

the Jesuits

Every now and again I find myself chatting with some wonderfully cultured and learned person from India or Lebanon or wherever, and it turns out that s/he was educated by Jesuits (this happens enough that I have ceased to be surprised by it).

- observation made by a colleague & friend of Ed's when told that C. would be enrolling in Hogwarts


Anonymous said...

Are there Jesuit schools for girls?

Anonymous said...

The biggest Jesuit high school in the country is Loyola Academy in IL and it is coed.

I have a young relative attending a Catholic School that isn't Jesuit (Carmelite?), and his summer reading looked a lot like C's.


Crimson Wife said...

Or the Salesians.

Catherine Johnson said...

Gosh, I'll have to ask my Studio City friend the name of her daughter's high school again. It was a girls school affiliated with the Jesuits (or with a Jesuit boys school?)

Both her kids did fantastically well. Her son went to a Jesuit high school (Loyola?), then went to Occidental. Recently he studied for the foreign service exam on his own & passed. (Nobody passes that test.)

Her daughter took the SAT once without tutoring or a prep class & got close to a perfect score.

Neither kid had help with homework or tutors. Ever.

When I tried to describe the amount of 'helping' and reteaching that goes on with public school kids my friend didn't really know what I was talking about. My experience was utterly foreign to her.

They sent their kids to school in the morning, the kids came home in the afternoon and did their homework without help; then, after 13 years of this, both kids scored high on SATs and were accepted by great colleges where they did well.