kitchen table math, the sequel: Allison on SAT prep

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Allison on SAT prep

I would teach anyone taking the SAT that they should *know the strategy* to answer the question by the time they've finished reading it, or they should move on and go back to it later.

The goal of SAT prep and math courses, generally, should be to study enough math that nearly all of the problems are that immediately clear to you--you know by the time you've finished reading them how you're going to solve them.


Catherine Johnson said...

Allison's right.

Given the time constraints of the test, to answer all 54 questions and get nearly all 54 questions right you have to know how you're going to solve the problem by the time you've finished reading.

Catherine Johnson said... looks like there is some leeway in that there are some questions on the test that I can answer in well under the 1.3 minutes allowed apiece (giving each question the same time).

So 'part 2' to this strategy is to become extremely fast on genres of problems you're strongest in.