kitchen table math, the sequel: lgm on school board elections

Friday, June 11, 2010

lgm on school board elections

Also take in to account that a large minority of potential voters are employees of the school district and that the union is actively ensuring that particular candidates be put up for election. An independent candidate has a lot of work to do to counteract the organization and get out the vote in my area.
This is one of the main reasons why we have mayoral control of the schools, right?


Cranberry said...

Real estate in our town is too expensive for school employees. That may be an advantage for very affluent towns. It might be an interesting thing to study--the correlation between administrative efficiency and the electorate's composition.

Catherine Johnson said...

My town is so small and the teachers so young that few live here. The union doesn't run a union slate.

That said, one of our five board members is a Yonkers teacher who is married to a high school teacher. I think one of his kids works in the district. The wife of a second board member, who is retiring, works as an aide, I think.