kitchen table math, the sequel: touch-type

Thursday, August 5, 2010


Finally going to happen this summer.

I hope.

color chart here

keyboarding practice

source: History of Woodring College of Education


Anonymous said...

the smartest move i made in public school
by far was taking typing (*obviously* i was
going to take whatever *math* was on offer
so that doesn't count as a "move").

PS: cool photo!

vlorbik MEdZ

Anonymous said...

Omg, we've been hanging out over 5 years!

My dad made me take typing in high school, too. Thank god.


Barry Garelick said...

My mother bought me a how to type book and told me if I learned to type (on our old Royal) she'd buy me a typewriter. I learned to type in two weeks and my mom bought me an Olympia, which I still have. Learning to type was one of the best things I ever did.

lgm said...

I used AVKO for my children.
Its advantage was that the children did not feel pressured since no computer was waiting for a response or asking for a speedy response. Also the progression made sense.

After that, they did speed drills with some free online program.

Catherine Johnson said...

5 years!

And speaking of 5 years - hi, V!

Catherine Johnson said...

lgm - thanks!

C started yesterday & today took an online timed test.

10 wpm

So we've got our baseline.