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Tuesday, November 30, 2010


Economists' Grail: A Post-Crash Model
By Mark Whitehouse
Wall Street Journal November 10, 2010
I love this.


SteveH said...

Skipping over any snarky questions about where the Irish bailout fits in, I think it shows that equations can be works of art, although this one is not that interesting. I never liked the emphasis of order of operations because I see equations as two-dimensional. We should have a thread where people can show their favorite equations.

Richard I said...


It's got the lot!!! Identities, operations, complex numbers as completeness of the number system, exponents,

Anyone with any others?

SteveH said...

That has beauty in the meaning.

Can we upload and insert graphics in replies? I thought I did it once. I need "direct instruction".

I'm partial to Stoke's Theorem. I came to it through Green's Theorem, and I still remember how I felt when I first learned about line integrals. Has anyone ever used a planimeter? Mine is tucked away with my sliderule.

We can start a my favorite equation thread and what epiphanies they generated. We can put them on a KTM poster and call it "Don't Trust the Spiral".

Bostonian said...

Currently complex analysis is taught after multivariable calculus
to engineers and physics majors.
I wonder if complex analysis should be taught earlier, maybe during trigonometry. Given Euler's formula it is easy to derive the formulas for cos(2*x) etc.

Independent George said...

I've always hated macro.

To the extent that it's accurate, I find that it's really not novel; and to the extent that it's novel, I think it's inaccurate at best, and speculative & unfalsifiable at the worst.