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Friday, December 3, 2010

WordSmart Software

Does anyone have any comments on a product called "WordSmart High School Excellence"? I got a call out of the blue based on something my son filled out at school, although he doesn't know what that was. The implication is that this product is recommended by our school and that we can get a big discount because of that. To get the discount, they have to arrange a time to call me back. I'm trying to find out whether his high school really recommends the product or not. When I read the guidance dept. info on the school site, they talk of putting together an IEP for each child and that the parent plays an integral role. Right now, I don't feel integral.


Cranberry said...

Has your son taken the PSAT for practice? Has he taken the SAT for CTY, or anything of that sort? If he has, you'd have an idea of how large his vocabulary is, compared to peers his age. Does his vocabulary need work?

I Googled the product, and that's a very high price for a vocabulary builder, in my opinion. We have no experience with the product, so I'm just giving you what my reaction would be, should my child come home with such an offer. I would follow up with the school, as their providing your address to an outside merchant without your permission isn't a wise policy, in my opinion.

SteveH said...

My reaction was that it was too expensive also. I was more concerned when my son had no idea what he did to trigger the call. Well, that's another email to the guidance department this week. The only outside testing my son had was the SCAT test in 5th grade for CTY.