kitchen table math, the sequel: Zig Engelmann's Funnix free during January

Monday, January 10, 2011

Zig Engelmann's Funnix free during January

I didn't see this mentioned earlier on KTM (though my pardons if I missed it), but Zig Engelmann's entire 2 year Funnix phonics teaching sequence is being offered free (no, really - no strings attached) during the month of January. Go to for more details.

Note: You will need about 2 gigs free on your computer for the files.


Allison said...

Has anyone gotten the download to work?

I have no idea why, but it's the slowest download in the world, and the thing times out before it ever gets close to finishing. I've tried to use smarter file getters that pick up where a file leaves off and it still hasn't worked. I've read their troubleshoot page, but their answers are "keep trying".

Catherine Johnson said...

Oh my gosh!

I just noticed this!

But it's taking forever to download???

TerriW said...

I was able to get all of the data to download, though it did take a long time. I think that I may have been on the beginning of the wave of people finding out about it. That first download in particular is a doozy, nearly half a gig.

Hainish said...

I've been having the same problem as Allison--timing out before it's done downloading.