kitchen table math, the sequel: summer school at Morningside Academy

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

summer school at Morningside Academy

I have the application sitting on my desk -- !


palisadesk said...

Go, go, go. It's awesome. Then write a book about it:-)

Catherine Johnson said...

Have you gone??

I need to do this!

And yes, we desperately need another book about Morningside Academy and precision teaching.

Catherine Johnson said...

They get you fairly proficient in the celeration charts, right?

marna said...

My DD went last year, and is going again this year. I can't recommend Morningside highly enough. If you come, please let's meet!

Marna, a math geek, and former nuclear engineer, who now teaches math at homeschooling co-ops.

PS. Loved their tag line for their yearly auction:

"We do what works."