kitchen table math, the sequel: thank you Susan S -

Sunday, February 20, 2011

thank you Susan S -

Off-topic, but I have to write a public post about this.

Susan S, who has been part of kitchen table math from the very beginning (right?) babysat Andrew while Ed, Chris, Jimmy & I attended my mom's funeral.

She was shaking in her boots, having read the tales here for lo these many years, but she did it. I told her she was starting at the top.

That is one of the most generous things anyone has ever done for me.

Thank you, Susan.

I owe you.


Catherine Johnson said...

Susan and I met through kitchen table math -- never knew each other before!

Anonymous said...

Hey, he's my new boyfriend.

He is exactly as Catherine has described over the years: Mischievous and Mysterious.

And he loves his Barney.


Catherine Johnson said...

Hey Susan - Shall we tell everyone that Andrew bought an Arthur tape during the funeral!?

(Andrew knows how to use Google. And also Amazon 1-Click, it appears...)

We've figured out he's not actually buying the tapes; he's buying the covers. He's collecting them, and he's obsessed.

Anonymous said...

Yes, besides the fact that he purchased a dvd somehow on my watch--I now also know every nook and cranny of that funeral home. I know what's in the closets, the cabinets, everything. I managed to talk him out of going upstairs. Oh, and the room where there was another body. Yikes.

Andrew is big on hand holding, but not so that you can lead him, but rather the other way around. He also likes to take off running. Just whenever. I almost had a heart attack, but he seems to always have a plan.

Oh and that sweet little picture of him up in the corner (on Ed??), well, he's a big boy now, bigger than me and I'm 5'9".

Still, I was so glad to finally meet him. And he is a sweetheart under all that mystery.


Catherine Johnson said...

I love this!

Gonna send it to my siblings ---

You're right about the hand-holding. Andrew also likes to kiss and hug when he wants stuff. He 'kisses up' --- !