kitchen table math, the sequel: progress report

Monday, March 28, 2011

progress report

C. and I just took a timed math section in the College Board book.

I missed one question and skipped none.

The question I missed was number 4 out of 16, which means it was super-easy. It was so easy, that I'm not going to tell you what the question was. Too embarrassing.

I had brain freeze. Number 4 was one of those "which value can't be the answer?" items. I took a quick look at the 5 possibilities, spotted the one value that was glaringly different from all the other values, and then eliminated that answer because it was different from all the others.


Then I spent precious minutes trying to figure out how all the other answers, which obviously could be the answer, could conceivably not be the answer.

oh, man

I think I'll go spend some quality time with Dr. Chung.

Dr. John Chung's SAT Math

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