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Monday, April 11, 2011

Headsprout question

Does anyone know whether you can use the Headsprout software on a Mac?



Anonymous said...

The Headsprout software is not downloaded onto your computer, but runs online through the browser. Any computer which supports flash will run Headsprout.

My two boys both used Headsprout and it worked wonders with their reading. My oldest went from being behind in reading at the start of first grade, to being ahead in just 3 months. He is reading on a high school level now in 4th grade.

Anonymous said...


Catherine Johnson said...

thank you!

palisadesk said...

Note that Headsprout also now has a reading comprehension program for students who can read fluently at a Grade 2-3 level (approximately the level at the end of Headprout Early Reading). It's recommended for students in grades 3-5. I'm looking forward to trying it with some of my HS Early Reading graduates

(have seen some amazing "miracle cases" with HS Early Reading as well as *many* cases of just good, solid,rapid and enthusiastic learning.

Catherine Johnson said...

oh that's exciting! (talking to palisadesk)

HS Early Reading is primarily decoding? (Is that right?)

concernedCTparent said...

My youngest completed the reading comprehension program last year. She enjoyed it because the passages were all different and usually pretty interesting. Towards the end of the program the material was most challenging and I just wished there had been more from that point.

Definitely recommend it!